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We are winning the war against climate change propaganda

A quite incredible event happened last week, and for once, the media barely took notice.

The publication of a report warning of a global cataclysm was quite sensationally ignored by Britain’s newspapers. Rather than indicating the mass media’s inherent pro-corporate bias and preoccupation with trivial nonsense, however, this finally proves that we are winning the war against climate change propaganda.


Andy Coulson Launches New Prison Tabloid, The Sin

Convicted snoop Andy Coulson has launched a new tabloid, The Sin, moments after starting his jail term.

The Sin is expected to feature a heady mix of cell scandal, warden gossip, darts coverage, porridge recipes and male genitalia. Page 3 of each edition will carry a blown-up image of the anus of a convicted felon.


Health Fears Over Legal Hysterics

A wave of deadly new hysteria is sweeping the UK, health experts warn.

The mind-numbing delirium has caused at least one person to shoot themself in the face this week, and many more are threatening to do the same, we reckon.


Daily Mail Dethrones Royal Mail

The ‘royal’ in ‘Royal Mail’ is set to be lost after 497 years of regal service thanks to a gaggle of conspiring newspaper bosses who have stamped their authority all over our post.

Editors, led by the Daily Mail‘s Paul Dacre, have bought thousands of shares in the recently-privatised firm, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.


Climate change doesn’t kill people. Weather does.

Alright, that’s it. Enough already. I’m bored of this now. Time to lay down a few ‘facts’ about climate change.

You listening? Well that’s your first mistake. Because I’m writing, not talking. And I’m writing hard.


Twenty-twelve: A year to remember

Twenty-twelve. So glorious. So pure. This was the year Britain came back fighting. From what, we’re not so sure.

We celebrated our monarch’s diamond jubilee, and cut those benefits so dear, to stop the scroungers getting something out of life for free.


Profit-Making Press ‘Against Rules Which Harm Profit’

Corporations which make money by selling news say they don’t want a new law which could make it more difficult for them to make money by selling news.

The newspapers fear legislation proposed by Lord Justice Leveson could even force them to write “boring” stories which tell the truth and aren’t full of entertaining, profitable lies.

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