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Twenty-twelve: A year to remember

Olympic Park, StratfordTwenty-twelve. So glorious. So pure. This was the year Britain came back fighting. From what, we’re not so sure.

We celebrated our monarch’s diamond jubilee, and cut those benefits so dear, to stop the scroungers getting something out of life for free.

It was our best ever year for sport, and not least the victory, for an England football captain in court.

London 2012 was a triumph of course for everyone involved, except when the private sector fell short, and the G4S contract went unresolved.

You can add the Paralympics to that list, even though disabled people weren’t told, the sponsor said their handicap did not exist.

Again the economy plunged into recession, before it clawed back out from the mist, or was that just an accounting trick to hide a great depression?

Our prime minister left one of his kids in the pub, that should have taught him a good lesson, still he won’t leave behind his old habits picked up from the Bullingdon Club.

Our chancellor cut tax for the wealthy, to save his mates lots of grub, who cares for the grannies who can’t even buy a pasty?

He even told Starbucks to pay their taxes, but with a whiff of hypocrisy, having cut rates for them but not the masses.

Our home secretary opted to keep Gary McKinnon in the UK, ‘a victory for British justice’ you say, but who even noticed when Ahmad and Ahsan were flown to the USA?

The Tories removed red tape for planners, tackling the housing crisis with no delay, except that is for the criminals who used to be just squatters.

Lord Leveson said the media needed more regulation, since the PCC was in tatters, only Murdoch and Cameron thought it still had a reputation.

The late Jimmy Savile was a paedo, who could have guessed? The BBC didn’t help the situation, turns out they were half the reason the kids were molest.

In a bid to restore our trust, our deputy prime minister apologised, but it was sadly no consolation for the students going bust.

Twenty-twelve began in drought, a hosepipe ban was a must, by the end so many floods that we just could not even count.

Arctic ice cover shrank to a record low level, climate change is happening there is no doubt, so why did we leave Shell to do their deal with the devil?

We’re sorry to say, if you’re looking for more hope and less toil, 2013 won’t see such a day.

All there’ll be is more fracking and drilling for oil.

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