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The idiot’s guide to public spending cuts

dunceIf you’re going to cut public spending to help pay off the national debt, instead of taxing those to blame for causing said debt, at least do it properly.

The Conservative Party’s idiotic plans to cut £23billion over the course of the next parliament, or £5.75billion on average each year, will make the poor poorer and the even poorer shit-poor. They’ll be freezing public sector pay, slashing benefits and privatising anything that isn’t nailed down to Whitehall.

But there is another way, my dear Tories. Allow me to demonstrate.

The first thing a new British government should do is to cease spending money on things that never get used. Not rocket science, is it Mr Osborne? In fact, it is the very abolition of rocket science itself. It is cutting Trident.

By undertaking such a prudent step, not only would the government save itself £1.8billion every year on its ridiculous nuclear missile programme, it would also make the world a safer place. Of course, where money is concerned, world peace is only a bonus.

Secondly, a new British government should stop spending money on killing people. As much as the British have a long and celebrated history of killing people, in all manner of bloody and violent ways, I wish to hereby put forward the novel idea that people should no longer be killed. Or, at least, that the money of our peace-loving taxpayers should not be spent on killing.

So what would this save? Well, the £2billion spent each year on killing people in Iraq is no longer applicable, after the British army realised in April that they had actually killed everyone who lived in the country and therefore ceased operations.However, there are still millions of poor people alive in Afghanistan, and the Ministry of Defence is currently committed to spending £2.6billion each year on killing them.

Well, stop it.

Thirdly, over at the Department for Transport, £0.8billion is being spent each year on tarmacking Britain’s countryside. The Highways Agency calls this ‘road building’. I call it environmental desecration, not to mention a traffic jam waiting to happen.

Fourthly, a new British government should stop spending money on pointless activities that are already being taken care of by non-public bodies. Take, for instance, the promoting of business.

The private sector is a beast that spends billions on advertising, lobbying and bribing. Is there anyone who doesn’t own a company that thinks the private sector needs any kind of financial assistance in promoting itself? No?

Well, apparently the government does. Until recently, it even had an entire department dedicated to it. Although now part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the government is still committed to spending £0.8billion on ‘promoting business’. The DBIS, like its predecessor the DBERR, is also run by Peter Mandelson.

Total savings: £6billion per year and one less dickhead in the cabinet.

But it doesn’t stop there. The government, through its many executive agencies and quangos, is also spending hundreds of millions each year on subsidies to industries as deserving as aviation and fossil-fuel digging. Well, fucking stop it.

Then there are the banks. Last year the government spent £85.5billion on bailing out such noble financial institutions as LloydsTSB and Royal Bank of Scotland. Yet these banks are still allowed to prosper. The idiots running them are still stinking rich.

If failed banks were nationalised instead, 100 percent of its profits can be spent on reducing the public debt.

One final thought. At present, the government is spending £24billion each year on debt interest payments – equal to the total allocated to each and every local authority in the country.

Imagine your council tax being spent on nothing. Unfortunately, you don’t have to imagine.


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