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It’s not the Scots who want to destroy Great Britain

nessieDavid Cameron and his coalition government are doing everything within their power to destroy the British state.

The Conservative Party hate the idea of a big, overarching government providing lots of useful public services, and since winning back power two years ago they have pursued every avenue they could find in order to scale down the state’s ambitions.

They want to break up the NHS, fracture our education system and sell off the British countryside. Tory governments before them had already privatised British Steel, British Gas, British Telecom and British Rail.

What with all this anti-Britishness, all of this desperation to dismantle everything that belongs to the people of Britain, why the sudden clamour to keep hold of Scotland?

Why do they want to retain jurisdiction over a nation that elected just one of their party’s candidates at the last general election?

Without the Scots, the Conservative Party would be governing with a parliamentary majority, and surely would have already privatised the air we breathe and the water we drink (oh no, wait, they’ve already done that).

And yet, now the Tories say that breaking apart Great Britain would be a disaster. A disaster for whom, exactly?

Surely not the English, who currently subsidise Scottish public services they have no say over and whose own services are decided on by Scots.

And surely not the Conservative Party, who would automatically become the one party in a one-party state.

The truth is that nothing more is driving this desire to retain a United Kingdom than pride and patriotism. The same patriotism that saw 258 British military personnel sacrificed in order to keep control over a tiny island chain 8,000 miles away in the south Atlantic 30 years ago.

No British prime minister would want to be remembered for presiding over the break-up of the Kingdom, least of all ultra-Brit Davey Cam. This selfish patriotic desire is enough to override even the temptation of a huge political advantage.

Patriotism, too, is driving the desire for independence north of the border. But there is a lot more besides. There is rhyme and reason.

The Scottish public have refused to be duped by the right-wing money-making cabals of free trade, privatisation and deregulation. Unlike in England.

Over the last three decades the Scots have watched with growing horror as Westminster has monetised, corporatised and privatised every nook and cranny of this scraggy wind-swept isle.

Who could say they wouldn’t be tempted to jump off a sinking ship at the first available opportunity? The Scottish lifeboat is ready to sail, and you can’t blame them.

For it is not Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party that is trying to destroy Great Britain. It is David Cameron and the Conservative Party who have their fingers on the button.

Salmond is merely too selfish and too patriotic to give a damn what happens to England after the Scots jump ship and SS Great Britain finally sinks for good.

And that ain’t a criticism Cameron is qualified to make.


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