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Give war a chance

Yoko Ono and John Lennon endorse warEverybody’s talking about diplomacy, amnesty, treaty, democracy, unity, harmony, tea, coffee and the plight of the honeybee.

All I’m saying is give war a chance.

How can the United States of America be the ‘land of the free’ if other lands are free as well?

There is no freedom without war.

But Great Britain voted for peace and now the whole world wants a piece of it too.

All I’m saying is give war a chance.

How will the arms dealers put food on their tables if we continue along the road to harmony and love?

Let the bombs drop and the guns fire, they weren’t built to sit idle in the attic, unused, ignored.

We can’t punish countries for killing people unless we can kill them too.

All I’m saying is give war a chance.

If children are allowed to grow up without any scars, without witnessing any horror, any pain, who are they going to want to kill in revenge after they become grown-ups?

A couple of wars go on too long, a few million people march the streets, and now everyone’s a pacifist.

If Gandhi had given up that easy, India would still belong to the Queen. Peace never achieves anything.

All I’m saying is give war a chance.

Why, for once in our species’ existence, can we not just give war enough time, enough room to flourish?

For once, I beg, let’s put some real effort into this thing. Let’s get some money together, let’s force a few thousand to fight and see what happens.

Let’s see where it goes, let’s see if bloodshed and death can finally change the fortunes of the world.

All I’m saying is give war a chance.

There is not a problem it cannot solve, you know. Just ask Churchill. Just ask Truman. It worked for them. Why shouldn’t it work for everyone?

They were the only two who had the guts to use the nuclear bomb.

In the ‘home of the brave’ a man only becomes a true man once he’s vapourised a couple of cities.

All I’m saying is give war a chance.

Everybody’s talking about negotiation, cessation, demonstration, resolution, conciliation, arbitration, United Nations, United Nations, United Nations.

What’s the UN ever done for us?

Don’t listen to John Lennon, to Martin Luther King, to Tony Benn, to Nelson Mandela, to Aung San Suu Kyi or to Brian Haw.

Listen to Nixon, to Thatcher, to Bush, to Bin Laden, to Bush, to Blair, to Clegg.

Don’t give Bashar al-Assad the chance to kill all those children. Give war a chance to kill them first.

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