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Expanding the capacity of British deceit

Great Britain viewed as one big runwayNever has so much discussion arisen from the asking of a question to which the answer is so short and so simple and so blindingly obvious.

How do we increase aviation capacity in the UK?

To answer this question with any more than two words requires either a disconnection between one’s cognitive facets and the real world we inhabit, or an inherent greed.

It is exactly the moronic sort of question that gets asked when you sell a series of high-value and strategically important public assets to multinational companies whose only motivation is profit.

One could equally ask:

How do we displace thousands of people?

How do we further reduce the quality of life for millions of people?

How do we widen the gap between rich and poor?

How do we increase the greenhouse gas emissions of an industry which is already the fastest-growing and most direct contributor to global warming?

How do we best demonstrate that one of the world’s most influential governments is unconcerned with solving one of the world’s gravest problems?

How do we bring Great Britain even closer to fulfilling the Orwellian nightmare of becoming ‘Airstrip One’, as envisioned in the book Nineteen Eighty Four?

How do we spend more money providing the same number of jobs as could be achieved by spending substantially less money and in ways that would not help answer any of the above questions?

How do we make an insignificant problem look like a massive one upon which the fate of an entire nation’s future prosperity rests?

These are the sorts of questions the British government is currently pondering. Millions of pounds have already been spent and gallons of hot air already expelled in the quest to find answers.

Yet only five years ago, the debate was different. In 2007 the question was not ‘how do we increase aviation capacity?’ but ‘should we increase aviation capacity?’

Because those stupid and selfish people who said we should lost their argument against the majority of other people whose brains were still functioning and who still retained an ounce of selfless intention, the question was changed.

Now we are asked:

How do we increase aviation capacity in the UK?

We are told by the British Airports Authority that we should bulldoze three villages and build a third runway at Heathrow.

We are told by the Mayor of London that we should build a brand new airport on an artificial island in the middle of the Thames estuary through which thousands of birds migrate each year.

We are told by various other self-determined ‘experts’ that we should build new runways at Gatwick or Standsted airports, on rural land.

What we are not told is how the existing airport capacity of the UK is currently under-utilised.

What we are not told about is the myriad of ways in which it would be possible to reduce demand for air travel and relieve pressure at those few airports which do operate at full capacity.

What we are not told by barely any single thread of the mainstream media is the only potential answer which makes any sense whatsoever.

How do we increase aviation capacity in the UK?

We don’t.


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