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Who Will Survive The Big Race?

Horses dodge flames in the Grand CasualtyThe favourite to win tomorrow’s Grand Casualty is not taking anything for granted.

Rifle At The Ready is a 6/1 shot to survive the race but knows she’ll need to avoid the Pit of Death at jump six if she’s to stand a chance.

The daunting obstacle, which almost caught out the four-year-old thoroughbred in last year’s race, features razor-sharp spikes that can pierce even the most well-armoured horseshoe.

“It’s a nasty one, that’s for sure,” trainer Billy O’Maites told us, here at The Taxman.

“To be honest, I think she might just cop it this time.

“But it happens to the best of ’em eventually, you know? They’re all destined to die prematurely some day.”

Other contenders include Headfirst Landing (8/1), Lethal Leg Break (12/1) and exciting young debutante Put To Sleep (15/1).

However, bookmakers have slashed odds on outsider Race Fast Die Young from 80/1 down to 20/1 after he showed his skill at tripping up other runners in last week’s Gold Casket meeting.

“If we see him taking down more horses tomorrow he just might find a way to avoid getting shocked at The Electric Chair on fence 15,” explained racing expert John McRack.

“On a personal level, however, I’d love to see him get churned up at Beecher’s Blood.”

Mr McRack added that only one in four horses were likely to survive Grand Casualty’s newest obstacle, the Wall of Fire,  pictured.

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