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Suspicious Circumstances Surrounding Conspiracy Theorist’s Death

109 to CroydonSuspicious circumstances surround the death of conspiracy theorist Patrick Roche, author of the book Elvis Died in a Bathtub.

Roche, 44, was hit by a bus five months ago as he crossed Streatham High Road in London and was killed instantly – or so we have been led to believe by the establishment.

But new evidence has emerged, from nowhere, that challenges the original verdict of ‘accidental death’.

On an internet message board, unanswered questions have been raised, casting doubt over the official series of events leading to the death of Roche, who also directed The Great Gravity Conspiracy.

A social outcast, known only under the pseudonym of ‘Gaz4eva’, pointed out on a Roche fan site that there was clearly a “second bus”.

“The CCTV footage shows Roche being hit by a bus, however, what it doesn’t show is Roche being hit by a second bus,” wrote Gaz4eva, adding that the fatal injuries sustained by Roche obviously could not have been caused by just one double-decker bus travelling at 30mph.

“The police are hiding this fact because it was the 109 to Croydon.”

In a reply to the message, forum regular ‘Gigantous23′ certified that the bus driver had once taken a trip to Africa. “In December of 1982, Roche’s killer was living it up in Namibia,” they wrote.

“The Namibian government obviously paid him a ransom to take out Roche 24 years later while working anonymously in public transport.”

Gigantous23 had previously questioned why Roche’s body had splattered in the way that it did after being struck by the bus.

“Anyone who knows anything about biology knows that human bodies just don’t splatter that way,” read the forum post, which concluded with three winking smilies.

In a separate thread, a loner known as ‘FOGboy’ gave further credence to mounting suspicion that Roche’s death was not all that it seemed.

“What about the note in his jeans pocket?” he asked in a post titled ‘lucy pinder has the best melons’.

FOGboy continued: “It mentions the milk, the eggs, the birthday card; but what about the baked beans? It’s a proven fact that Roche’s cupboard was devoid of baked beans that day.”

The message board veteran reasoned that the note was obviously a cryptic message, which when deciphered would read: “Namibia wants me dead.”

But it was Roche’s father who originally began the speculation surrounding his son’s death in a statement following the coroner’s report.

Roche senior said: “He was such a good boy, he always looked both ways before crossing the road. He’d never been run over before. Except by a milk float hit, and when he ran himself over after parking his car on a hill.

“But other than that, he was so careful.”

The distraught father, who hadn’t seen his son for the last 25 years of his life, continued: “Why was the nearest ambulance so far away? Why did none of the bus passengers have return tickets? And what’s with that traffic cone?

“I bet those damn Namibians planted it. It’s so obvious. They wanted my boy out of the picture so they could invade Botswana.”


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