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Profit-Making Press ‘Against Rules Which Harm Profit’

Daily Express: "Britain's 40% Surge In Ethnic Numbers"Corporations which make money by selling news say they don’t want a new law which could make it more difficult for them to make money by selling news.

The newspapers fear legislation proposed by Lord Justice Leveson could even force them to write “boring” stories which tell the truth and aren’t full of entertaining, profitable lies.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has also shockingly come out in support of the newspapers without which he would not be prime minister.

Cameron said: “I share the concerns of the press which backed my election campaign and which is run by people who I have had dinner with many times.

“Aside from existing laws on defamation, contempt of court, copyright, human rights, privacy, data protection and an endless list of trial precedents, the extra law proposed by Leveson would cross the rubicon by forever restricting the freedom of profit-making newspapers to make a profit and buy me dinner.”

Leveson heard evidence from 135 organisations and 474 individuals during his eight-month inquiry into media ethics following the News Of The World hacking scandal. The resulting report contained 1,987 pages of paper cut from trees, but absolutely no wood.

After publishing the report today, Leveson said: “It is clear to me that the press has done a lot of bad things and a lot of good things as well and I would very much like for them to do less bad things and more good things in future.

“It is also clear that newspapers which make big profits tend to do more bad things and less good things than the ones which make small profits or no profits at all.

“But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.”

Editors of newspapers which used to sit on a panel which decided whether or not to punish the newspapers they ran for doing bad things said they were disappointed Leveson didn’t want them to continue to decide not to punish themselves.

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre said: “Lord Leveson is a cunt. Hugh Grant is a cunt. Charlotte Church is a cunt. Tom Watson is a cunt. Millie Dowler’s mum is a cunt.

“Coloured people are cunts. Foreign people are cunts. Homosexuals are cunts. Scientists are cunts. Hippies are cunts. Public sector workers are cunts. Drug addicts are cunts. Protesters are cunts. Poor people are cunts. Young people are cunts.

“I just don’t understand why these people don’t want me to regulate myself.”

Earlier this week Lord Black, a politician who is also the executive director of the Telegraph Media Group, proposed reforming the self-regulation body which failed to regulate itself, instead of introducing an independent regulator underpinned by law.

Black said: “As a lawmaker I find the idea of a law to help stop newspapers doing bad things unconscionable. Preventing profit-making organisations doing wrong just isn’t what laws are for.

“In my view, legislation should only be used for the purpose of putting poor people in jail.”

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