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NHS Put Up for Sale

A hacksaw

The government has announced plans to sell-off the National Health Service to whoever wants it.

In the latest health reforms, the last remaining NHS hospitals not yet demolished and rebuilt privately will be sold to residential property developers.

But a handful will be redeveloped for more important public uses. One is already set to become a new ‘mega-cemetery’, since the death rate in the UK is predicted to rise ten-fold in the next six months.

Since New Labour took office in 1997, 55 hospitals worth £8billion have been built as Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes. They will eventually cost the taxpayer £50billion.

Now the Department of Health say the remaining public hospitals must be sold, and the NHS disbanded, in order to pay the debt interest.

Prime Minister Tony Blair announced: “I must first clarify, to the nation, that this, is not, a drastic, cut, in public health funds. This is, a, realignment, of, resources.

“Those, that can afford it, will use, high quality, private healthcare, and those, that cannot afford it, will be supplied, with, first aid, kits, and, cutting tools.

“Thank you, and, happy new year!”


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