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High Court Rules 2+2=4 ‘May Not Be Correct’

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A landmark verdict by the High Court today has ruled that the sum of 2+2=4 may not be correct and should not be taught in school as fact.

Mr Justice Wright said that the mathematical consensus did not fully support the assumption and the counter view of 2+2=5 should also be taught in primary schools, allowing children to make up their own minds as to which is correct.

The case was brought to court by Andrew Hatler, who felt his children had been brainwashed by an educational tool demonstrating the basics of addition and subtraction.

Summing up, Mr Justice said: “This abacus has a clear bias towards the unproven equation of 2+2=4, and contains significant errors. As has been shown by several non-biased far-right politicians, 2+2=5 is a more accurate sum in many circumstances.

“It is therefore imperative that the government only issue this so-called ‘abacus’ alongside a propaganda pamphlet explaining the other side of the argument and providing children with a balanced education on the important issue of mental arithmetic.”

The High Court decision follows a verdict last week in which it was ruled that Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth contained nine scientific errors and should only be shown in school accompanied by guidance notes.

Speaking outside court following today’s verdict, Mr Hatler said: “I am delighted. The government has been wrong to feed this politicised counting-frame to schools.

“Our children must be allowed to decide for themselves what happens when you put two and two together.”

Mr Hatler added that his next court wrangle would be against historians who believe that the Holocaust actually happened.


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