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David Cameron Finally Agrees To Worsen Flooding

Cameron puts his foot in itDavid Cameron has finally pledged to make flooding worse.

The Prime Minister said his number one priority was to follow the nonsensical advice of people who might vote for him at the next election, rather than experts the government employs to give sensible advice.

The Environment Agency stopped dredging rivers in the 1990s after evidence showed it increased river flows and caused bigger floods downstream.

The practice also harms the ecology of rivers and is a long and expensive process which has to be repeated regularly, as silting reoccurs.

But flooded voters in the south-west have demanded dredging, because they’re not experts, and the never-ending rainfall is gradually driving them all insane.

Cameron said: “Yep, I think I’ll go with the voters on this one.”

Farming subsidies – which pay upland farmers to chop down vegetation and increase flood risk by reducing the natural absorption of water – will continue.

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