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The Graveltones: The Graveltones

The BarclaystonesWhen Jimmy O of The Graveltones yells “you’ve got it but you won’t admit it,” on his band’s eponymous debut EP, the bluesy rock warbler joined a minority of vocal dissenters who have unfairly victimised Bob Diamond this week for a corporate conspiracy that was clearly not of his doing.

Mr O, like the biased media, should know full well that the Barclays boss has already admitted his firm’s culpability and has taken steps to ensure no-one can ever again find out what his employees have got.

And had Mr O bothered to switch his current account from NatWest prior to last week he would certainly not be singing: “I want it but I never get it.”

In fact, one of the many advantages of banking with Barclays is that you can receive your salary on time and transfer funds whenever you like, subject to the terms and conditions.

I’m baffled, quite frankly, that a band of The Graveltones‘ caliber could ever seek to target individuals for a matter that concerns them not one jot. Their song, ‘Blamin It On You’, shows the vast extent to which they must mature before they can be considered serious challengers for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

Because this is an award for artists that know where to find a credit card that’s interest-free for the first 14 months, and know, also, when to shut up and ignore a tiny scandal that barely even threatens to engulf the sponsors of said prize.

In any case, EPs aren’t eligible. So fuck off.


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