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Coldplay: X&Y

Thom Yorke

Coldplay are back with third album, X&Y, but is it as good as that second album they did?

Well, after topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, headlining festivals and selling out world tours, Coldplay have done it again.

Yes, they still sound like Radiohead.

That they do it to an almost satisfactory standard is almost creditable. But not quite.

Piano, guitar, drums, political lyrics, the moral high ground – it’s all here.

Square One shall be their Paranoid Android, while Speed Of Sound continues where Karma Police left off.

I award seven out of ten for effort. One out of ten for exertion.

So then, if you can’t wait for the next Radiohead album, you could do better than purchase this. But at least it wouldn’t be a complete waste of the cash you barely earned at your boring office job.


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