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Work for The Taxman!

The Taxman's office in Fleet Street, London, Great BritainAre you unemployed? Ready to get back into work? Full of enthusiasm and naivety?

We might have just the job you think you’ve been looking for.

Flexible hours, career progression, travel on expenses, coffee machine, workplace bullying. It’s perfect for you.

But are you perfect for us?

We need someone who is willing to leave any sense of morality at home. This is no place to make ethical choices or take a moral stand.

Do what we tell you to do, with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Get
noticed by stabbing colleagues in the back.

When we embark upon projects clearly doomed to fail, don’t question us. Just watch us crash and burn.

When we introduce new organisational structures without consulting any of the persons affected, just deal with it.

You’re a team player, right?

And when we increase your workload, don’t dampen the quality of your existing output by squeezing it all into the same hours.

Prove your commitment and dedication by working overtime.

Don’t even think about your family and friends and how little you’ll be seeing
them. You’re one of us now. We’ve got you for life.

And hey, after 18 months, if you prove your worth, we may even start paying
you a salary.

So, what are you waiting for? Work for us, here at The Taxman, and we’ll make
your life a living hell.

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