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This brand is better than that other brand!

mr coolHey look, look at us, over here, check out our logo and our cool packaging. Aren’t we cool?

We’ve got snazzy catchphrases, a pumping soundtrack and lots of pretty colours. Did you also notice how cool we are?

Now we know what you’re thinking.

“You guys are cool, but, there’s this other bunch of guys and they’re quite cool too.”


Those guys aren’t cool. Don’t you understand what cool means? Well let us tell you.

Cool means cool logos, cool celebrity endorsements, cool music, cool messages of empowerment, cool imagery, cool adverts. All made by cool people at our cool company.

Not like those other guys. Those guys are lame.

Their celebs are inferior to ours and their logo is subjectively worse. They also keep child slaves working in huge factories in India. We don’t do that sort of thing. In India.

And this is exactly why you should buy our products instead of theirs, despite the imperceptible differences in quality.

Both products are available in the same shops, for the same price. They look the same. They smell the same. They taste the same.

But what matters is the cool factor, the image, the brand. Ours is better. And you know it.

Besides, how else are you going to decide which paperclips to buy?

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