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Support your local conglomerate!

Well wear, WalthamstowShopping at your nearest independent trader – be it baker, greengrocer, newsagent or fish fryer – is no doubt a fulfilling and life-enriching experience.

We would never question that.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can spare the time to get to know their customers, cater for individual tastes and adapt their business model to the needs of the community, as required.

But however delightful shopping at such establishments may be, we have a small favour to ask.

Please don’t forget about the fortunes of your local conglomerate.

Unlike SMEs, publicly-listed corporations have had to suffer the burden of yet another tax cut from our frugal chancellor.

It is also getting more and more difficult for big businesses to obtain capital investment from banks these days. Sometimes it even takes more than one email.

Add to that the daily burden of pleasing shareholders, maintaining a strong brand image, forking out millions on advertising campaigns and lobbying politicians to cut red tape and you’ve got yourself one very shaky marketplace.

Imagine for a minute how awful life would be if all the big chain stores disappeared from your high street.

Don’t let it happen.

Support your local conglomerate today.

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