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Help us to hide the truth!

Shell Oils CEO Peter VoserWork for the carbon industry? Have right-wing views? You’re probably looking for reasons not to accept the fact that man-made climate change and its devastating consequences are largely your fault. Well look no further.

Whomever you work for, however conservative your opinions, we have all the answers you need for those awkward questions about the climate crisis.

We’ve got stacks of cherry-picked scientific facts, which, on their own, completely disprove the notion of climate change being caused by anthropogenic forces.

Or, if you’re even more daring, we’ve got some top-secret science for you to memorise that proves, once and for all, that the climate isn’t warming whatsoever. Yes that’s right. It’s cooling. We have proof.

We have all the tricks spelled out for you in one, simple, easy to read book. Heard the one about the carbon following the temperature? Of course you have! But we’re betting you haven’t seen our baseball-bat curve. Man, it’ll blow this whole global warming thing right out of the water.

So whether you already know that you’re a complete asshole and just want to stop other people from bothering you about it, or whether you’re in need of some comforting reassurance that your actions and/or beliefs aren’t really responsible for that pile of dead bodies in Africa; we will give you all the tools you need to make sure you never get found out.

Then you can continue to worry about the important things in life – such as how to make more money.

Don’t accept the truth.

Climate change isn’t happening.

And even if it is, it most certainly isn’t your fault.

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