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Eat, drink, consume!

Happiness credit cardIs your government failing to cope with basic social problems such as crime, suicide, mental health and obesity?

Do they rule by fear, and control by aggression? Then you’ll probably want to avoid society’s failures and climb the hierarchy as quickly as possible to leave those problems behind.

And do you feel inferior compared to your peers? Don’t you just want to look down on your friends and work colleagues? Are you so insecure and so unloved that you can’t feel good about yourself unless you have more and higher quality possessions than they do?

Well, don’t worry, because we have just the answer: Consumption, and lots of it!

Yes that’s right, consuming goods and services as fast and as often as possible is the best solution to all of your self-esteem issues.

Short of money? Career not going so well? Don’t fret. Credit cards, overdrafts, loans, petty theft, drug dealing, fraud, organised crime; do whatever it takes to climb the ladder and attain the social status that you need to feel good about yourself in this wretched, hollow society we live in.

Still not satisfied? Still feel inferior? Well you might as well get addicted to something. If you can’t hack it, the government’s not going to help. So just drink, take drugs, gamble, over-eat, or kill yourself.

After all, this is the free market. This is capitalism. This is unrestrained, never-ending economic growth. In our world, under our roof, the only route to happiness is consumption. All other options are socially unacceptable. Without consuming, you’ll be no one. You’ll be nowhere.

So don’t risk getting left behind. Do whatever it takes to keep up with the pack. Neglect your family, ignore your friends, cease caring about the world around you and the people you share this planet with.

What matters is that you look and feel better than everyone else. What matters is consumption.

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