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Queen Insecure About Living In Palace

The Queen admitted last week that the economic downturn leaves her waking up in a hot sweat at 4am every morning, while often having nightmares that the crown jewels have been lost to a giant Ponzi scheme.


Police Lock-up Civil Liberty, Throw Away Key

The Metropolitan Police today arrested our civil liberties, took them to a jail cell, threw away the key, spat in their food and mocked them while they were still within earshot.


Diana Died Ten Years Ago

A Duke of Edinburgh-piloted Apache helicopter forced Diana’s Mercedes to crash in a Paris tunnel last decade, according to The Taxman’s latest source.


Suspicious Circumstances Surrounding Conspiracy Theorist’s Death

Suspicious circumstances surround the death of conspiracy theorist Patrick Roche, author of the book Elvis Died in a Bathtub.

Roche, 44, was hit by a bus five months ago as he crossed Streatham High Road in London and was killed instantly – or so we have been led to believe by the establishment.


Alarm Clocks ‘Bad for Your Health’

The use of alarm clocks to wake us up in the morning may be bad for our long-term health, according to a new study.

Research into the effects of sleep disturbance has been conducted by first year students on the sleep management degree course at Bullshit University.

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