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Calls for Inquiry Into Iraq Inquiry

Campaigners have called for an inquiry to hear evidence that the Iraq War Inquiry is illegal and should not be taking place.

Nothing has yet been discovered about the war which was not already bleeding fucking obvious to a blindfolded monkey, while the key protagonists of the atrocity have been subjected to nothing more than a severe armpit tickling.


Arms Dealer Admits Putting Profits Before Death

Weapons manufacturer BAE Systems has admitted the pursuit of profit is more important than its other activities, such as war, genocide and worsening child mortality rates.


The idiot’s guide to public spending cuts

If you’re going to cut public spending to help pay off the national debt, instead of taxing those to blame for causing said debt, at least do it properly.

The Conservative Party’s idiotic plans to cut £23billion over the course of the next parliament, or £5.75billion on average each year, will make the poor poorer and the even poorer shit-poor. They’ll be freezing public sector pay, slashing benefits and privatising anything that isn’t nailed down to Whitehall.


War On Peace

Nato forces in Afghanistan say their next military invasion – after they have finished crushing the Taliban sometime in 2073 – will involve storming the headquarters of the Oxford English Dictionary and amalgamating the words ‘war’ and ‘peace’ into one single, bloody entry.

The operation will involve killing everyone in sight including passers-by who happen to get in the way, while urinating on any survivors.


Mika: Life In Cartoon Motion

This is the debut album from Lebanese nancy boy Mika.

Or Please Can I Sing Backing Vocals On Radiohead’s New Album?

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