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Diana Died Ten Years Ago

A Duke of Edinburgh-piloted Apache helicopter forced Diana’s Mercedes to crash in a Paris tunnel last decade, according to The Taxman’s latest source.


Missing Child ‘Still Missing’

Madeleine McCann – the British toddler who disappeared in Portugal – is still missing.

The news is a massive blow to anyone who wants to know what is actually happening in Britain at the moment.


Alarm Clocks ‘Bad for Your Health’

The use of alarm clocks to wake us up in the morning may be bad for our long-term health, according to a new study.

Research into the effects of sleep disturbance has been conducted by first year students on the sleep management degree course at Bullshit University.


Blair and Brown In Fly On the Wall Shocker

The ins and outs of Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Chancellor Gordon Brown’s working relationship can exclusively be revealed by The Taxman today.

We have obtained the latest spy technology in a completely legal transaction, that did not compromise any trespassing legislation, and wanted to use it in a totally immoral and illegitimate way – as any good tabloid would.


International Disaster Kills Tens Of Millions

Tens of millions are thought to have been killed in a disaster that ranks alongside the end of the world.

Entire generations have been lost forever, towns and cities wiped off the face of the Earth. The areas affected will never recover, the skies are black with smoke and the sun is no longer visible.

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