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British National Party Leader Apologises For Abolishing Slavery

British National Party leader Nick Griffin has formally apologised for Britain’s role in abolishing slavery 200 years ago.

Speaking at his party’s spring conference, Griffin described the actions of his forefathers as “heinous” and called on the government to repeal the law which brought to an end Britain’s part in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.


Parole Officer Dismayed At Prisoner’s Refusal To Reoffend

A car thief has stunned his parole officer and the prison service by refusing to commit any more criminal acts upon his release from jail.

Liam Banes has, according to parole officer Dick Jones, walked right on past dozens of insufficiently secured parked cars and not even paused to consider hot-wiring them.


RIP democracy

So this is the state of democracy in the UK today.


International Disaster Kills Tens Of Millions

Tens of millions are thought to have been killed in a disaster that ranks alongside the end of the world.

Entire generations have been lost forever, towns and cities wiped off the face of the Earth. The areas affected will never recover, the skies are black with smoke and the sun is no longer visible.

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