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Obama Shot JFK, Claims Clinton

US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has claimed that Demcratic rival Barack Obama was John F Kennedy’s assassin.


British National Party Leader Apologises For Abolishing Slavery

British National Party leader Nick Griffin has formally apologised for Britain’s role in abolishing slavery 200 years ago.

Speaking at his party’s spring conference, Griffin described the actions of his forefathers as “heinous” and called on the government to repeal the law which brought to an end Britain’s part in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.


Tony Blair Mauled By Pitbull Terrier

A Pitbull Terrier fatally mauled Tony Blair on his return to Britain from holiday in Florida, yesterday afternoon.

The incident occurred as Blair stepped off his plane at Heathrow Airport. According to airport staff, the dog ‘came out of nowhere’ and ‘seemed somewhat hungry’.


RIP democracy

So this is the state of democracy in the UK today.


Detention for Party Leaders After Commons Brawl

Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) yesterday ended in an all-out brawl, parliamentary style.

The altercation started between the leaders of the Labour and Conservative parties and soon all of their MPs were involved.

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