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Government Vision for Greenless Britain

Great Britain will be tarmacked and covered by giant advertising hoardings that can be seen by air passengers from 30,000 feet in new plans announced by the government today.

Every last inch of green space on these islands will be sold off in a bid by the Department for Communities and Local Government to “get Britain’s economy growing again”.


Mercury Music Prize 2011

Oh, so now The Taxman want me back, eh? To review some shambles of an award show, huh? Well screw you. Yeah, that’s right, you can turn your review sideways, shine it up real nice, and shove it straight up your – oh, wait.

Now I think about it, these Mercury Music Awards sponsored by Barclaycard aren’t so bad after all. They’re actually almost as fun and rewarding as a zero percent balance transfer deal.


Who’s cheating whom?

For every poor man who steals a penny, a rich man robs a pound and sells it back to us for a tenner.

The mass media aims a gun at the poor man and gives the rich man a free holiday.


Oil Firms Slam Gaddafi On Human Rights

The world’s top oil firms have united to condemn Colonel Gaddafi’s ‘appalling’ record on human rights in Libya.

The Oil Firms Against Libya (OFAL) collective said today that dropping bombs on innocent civilians in the desert nation was about ending their suffering, and ending their suffering only.


Fuck the government, fuck you all

I need to be honest. I have no clue what the weather’s going to be like this week.

It will probably rain, it could equally be dry, maybe a bit of both, a little snow, some hail, a few cats, the odd dog and my uncle Sam. One thing I do know is, there’s a big black cloud hanging over my life.

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