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We are winning the war against climate change propaganda

A quite incredible event happened last week, and for once, the media barely took notice.

The publication of a report warning of a global cataclysm was quite sensationally ignored by Britain’s newspapers. Rather than indicating the mass media’s inherent pro-corporate bias and preoccupation with trivial nonsense, however, this finally proves that we are winning the war against climate change propaganda.


Options For Climate Catastrophe Narrowed Down To Three

A commission set up by government has narrowed down to three the options for exceeding dangerous limits of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The Airports Commission led by Sir Howard Davies has said we can either burn several million more tonnes of carbon by building a third runway at Heathrow, by lengthening one of its existing two runways, or by building a second runway at Gatwick.


I’d hate to be a weatherman in Canada right now

I’d like to dedicate this seven-day weather forecast to all my long-suffering brothers in Canada.

We may share a head of state, but Canadian meteorologists might as well be reporting the weather in North fucking Korea. Where else do you need permission from the prime minister just to tell people the goddam truth?


“Destroy Things And Pay Less Tax,” Pledges Osborne

George Osborne has unveiled a raft of new measures designed to help companies destroy things and make people’s lives a misery in his 2014 budget speech.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer said it was “absolutely vital” that businesses were given all the assistance they needed to ruin, ravage, dismantle, dismember, axe, annihilate, extinguish, exterminate, trash, torpedo, smash, spoil, wreck and lay waste to whatever part of Britain they could lay their grubby hands on.


Australia Issues Prime Minister Warning

Australia is on high alert today after several sightings of the world’s most dangerous prime minister were reported.

Tony Abbott – who ‘poses an extreme risk to everyone’ – was spotted in Canberra feasting on the remains of the regulations which protect the continent’s natural wonders.


David Cameron Finally Agrees To Worsen Flooding

David Cameron has finally pledged to make flooding worse.

The Prime Minister said his number one priority was to follow the nonsensical advice of people who might vote for him at the next election, rather than experts the government employs to give sensible advice.


Kensington needs flood defences, too

I haven’t even left my penthouse so far this winter. I don’t like rain, you see, and, well, it’s been drizzling, hasn’t it?

But there’s one area of the country the Environment Agency seems to have completely forgotten about. Now they’re making 1,500 job cuts, I fear it will be washed away altogether.

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