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Islamic State Video Shows Hostage Being Held Without Charge For 13 Years

Islamic State Video Shows Hostage Being Held Without Charge For 13 YearsA chilling new Islamic State video starring homegrown terrorist Jihadi John shows a Western hostage being gruesomely detained without charge.

The terrifying tape shows in graphic detail how the hostage’s mind gradually turns to mush after spending just one hour outside his cell each day for over a decade.

Creepy music plays in the background as the victim is coerced into praising Theresa May before being force-fed through a tube while tied to a chair in a room with no windows.

Jihadi John warns viewers at the start of the 13-year video that tortuous new Terror Laws will be inflicted on the hostage as revenge for “failing to follow the teachings of Anthony Blair”.

It goes on to show a tear rolling down the hostage’s cheek in slow motion.

“Almighty Blair is quite clear. To defeat terror, we must all suffer great pain,” Mr John says as he looks into the camera.

“The governments of the West are doing everything they can to destroy people’s freedom, abuse their rights and spit in the face of the liberal left who try to stop them.

“I commend these actions, and I praise Almighty Blair, whom I love like my own brother, for he is truly my inspiration.

“But this work alone is not enough. There are still people with freedom, living in peace, loving their friends and exercising autonomy.

“As Almighty Blair teaches us, we shall not rest until all freedom has been taken, until all liberty has been sacrificed and until all human rights have been extinguished forever.”

Jihadi John, real name Jihadi John, had been known to the UK government for six years before appearing in his first Islamic State viral hit last summer. However, security forces had been too busy bombing the shit out of the Middle East to do anything about him.

In the latest video’s conclusion, moments after the hostage has killed himself in his cell, Mr John warns: “May Almighty Blair’s mission to eradicate freedom be met with death in our eyes, and hatred in our hearts.”

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