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Rock In Your Pocket: Gutterdub

shark eats babyAnyone remember when Nevermind came out and it completely changed the face of rock music?

Well, if I said that Rock In Your Pocket could come anywhere near to making that sort of impact with their new LP, I’d be lying completely.

Because what this young Bristolian threesome have done with their debut, Gutterdub, is rekindled an old flame, the spark of a movement that roared fiercely 20 years ago but has since been draped in the drool of kids who wouldn’t know a decent riff if it was an apple download on their magic wii phone.

RIYP are a bit like sex with an ex-boyfriend. It’s familiar, it’s reliable, it’s dependable, but it’s also got that added bit of excitement from the fact that it’s been a while and you’re both feeling that extra bit more frisky.

Back when you were together, the sex was awesome, but after a few years it began to lack the same bite, the same passion. It wasn’t new anymore.

Returning to your old pumping ground decades later, you get that same satisfaction, with added amounts of naughtiness thrown in. Gutterdub is the kind of sex that you thought you’d never enjoy again.

But here it is, in my lubricated hands, and it feels good. Real good.

Perfect, in fact, for a nomination to a prestigious credit card-sponsored award show.


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